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This year AV Notkeriana celebrates the 700 year anniversary of hosting the traditional Flusskommers. We look proudly into the past and continue traditions without losing sight of the future. We invite all students from near and far to celebrate this day with us. If you would like to raise a glass with us, please fill out the registration form at the bottom of this page.

The traditional Flusskommers

Every summer, those in need of a drink travel to St.Gallen to commemorate the miracle at the Sitter. With food and drink, a festive “Kommers” takes place in the river in August, which is the culmination of the celebrations surrounding Notker Pressulus.

In my active time I have never missed a Flusskommers. I want it to stay that way!
Directeur Général du BIERBAR


12 August 

5.15 p.m. – City tour followed by dinner 

13 August

12 noon – Meeting point St.Gallen train station, platform C 

12.15 o'clock – Opening Réception and bar 

12.15 p.m. - 2 p.m. – Opening hours Flussbar™ 

2.15 p.m. - 6 p.m. – Traditional Kommers 


14 August

11.15 a.m. – Hangover brunch



Le Bureau, BIERBAR or to be more precise le Bureau international pour l'exécution et la réalisation des bonnes activités récréatives is a Lausanne-based association dedicated to the implementation of the traditional river commemoration for the AV Notkeriana. After the traditional Flusskommers had been organized by members of the AV Notkeriana for almost 700 years and had become increasingly popular, the organisational effort exceeded the possibilities of the connection in the Gallus city and so the Bureau was born. Since then, the numerous members have dedicated themselves to preserving this Saint-Gallic heritage.

As Senior of AV Notkeriana, it is my pleasure to invite you to the 700th year of the traditional Flusskommers. With the great support of the bureau, we are allowed to set up our benches, tap the barrels and have a good time at the river bbq. Hospitality is very important to us and we would like to offer our friends from Far away only the best. In addition to a place to sleep (also for Fuxen), we offer all participants a high-quality supporting program consisting of city and pub tours as well as a hangover brunch. In order to meet our high quality demands, we ask that you register.
Senior Notkerianae
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Laut Mitteilungen der Innerschwyzer Meteorologen No. 80 ist für den Flusskommers schönes Wetter zu erwarten. Die Wetterpropheten erwarten «viel schön», «viel trocken», «schön und heiss» sowie mehrheitlich schön». Besonders erfreulich ist folgende erschmeckte Prognose: «Der Rest vom Monat [August] immer noch «süttig»: Bier, Moscht und Mineral haben Hochkonjunktur, es wird nur noch gesoffen.» Gleichzeitig gilt die Empfehlung der Wetterpropheten, am Flusskommers kein Feuerwerk zu zünden.


On the traditional Flusskommers we generally recommend the tenue river. This consists of swimwear bottoms, as well as a shirt, tie, coulours and veston. Nautical forms of clothing or monks' robes like those worn by our founder, St. Notker Pressulus, are also welcomed. For practical reasons, we also recommend river-appropriate shoes. For windier hours, it is also advisable to pack a bathrobe.

The river beer tap system is in operation during the Flusskommers and the chef de bar takes care of other delicacies during the opening hours of the river bar.

Smaller snacks are served at the Flusskommers. For something more substantial, the river grill is available. We ask students of higher educational institutions to bring their own barbecue food and use the river grill for preparation.

A partial cost-covering beer price flat rate is charged. High school students and Fuxen are invited. 

We urge you to register using the registration form on this website. This helps us to take the necessary precautions and to provide enough beer barrels. Short-term registrations are possible on the day of the Flusskommers at the réception.

We only charge a beer flat rate to cover the costs of serving. The exact amount of the lump sum is set at the Flusskommers itself after a committee consisting of, among others, the Director General of the Bureau and the Senior Notkerianae have determined the consumption to be expected. As a rule, the amount is in the lowest two-digit range. Fuxen drink to the Burschen and High school students are invited.

The river is basically always open. However, the Bureau can decide to have the Kommers take place above the river at the covered old Spisegg Bridge. There, the festival community is protected from precipitation. 

If you don't want to rely on the flow of the Sitter river, you can use the exclusively rented, permanently installed toilet facilities in the Flusskommers area.

The Flusskommers area is well developed via the European waterway network. We recommend that inexperienced seafarers who arrive via the Rhine switch to land transport at the Rhine Falls.

The postal service provides rides with its lines 120 and 121 departing from the St.Gallen train station also reach the Flusskommers at the Spisegg stop.

We are happy to offer overnight accommodation to guests from far away. A requirement can be requested via the registration form.

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